A comparative study on the priscription practises of antibiotics in cold (ari) in patients under the age of 15 years and reasons of priscription in different hospitals of pakitan

Asif Iqbal, Azhar Hussain, Shefaat Ullah Shah, Raja Zafar Ishaque, and Kamran Nawaz


The present study was conducted to compare the prescribing practices of antibiotics in common cold (ARI) in
patients under the age of five years in PIMS and FGSH in Islamabad Pakistan. A cross sectional comparative study was
conducted in two hospitals of Islamabad Pakistan i.e. Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences and Federal Government Services
Hospital. During the period of March and April 200 prescriptions were collected out of which 100 were from Pakistan Institute
of Medical Sciences and 100 from Federal Government Services hospital, to check among the most commonly prescribe
combination of drugs in ARI. The data was collected by using two separate data collection tools for qualitative and quantitative
data. For qualitative data an in-depth interview guide was used. For data analysis 16th version of SPSS was used.

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International Journal of Basic Medical Sciences and Pharmacy (IJBMSP): ISSN: 2049-4963