An Investigation on The Operational Usage of Local Formulated Insecticides in Controlling the populations of Cockroach Species, Periplaneta americana and Blattellagermanica in The different Localities of Quetta City of Balochistan, Pakistan

Hina Ali, Farhat Iqbal , Wajeeha Razza, Hameed Ur Rehman, Zubia Masood, Tahir , M. Gul Riaz Khan, Tallat Munir, Zainab Gul Kanwal


Cockroaches are well known insects of order Blattidae. The climate of Quetta was favorable for the metamorphosis
of cockroaches. Two most common species of Quetta city were Blattellagermanica and Periplaneta americana. Cockroaches
act as economic pest and their control was challenge for entomologists. In the present investigation, the effectiveness of
locally formulated insecticides was investigated against the two cockroach species i.e., Periplaneta americana and
Blattellagermanica collected from different localities of Quetta city during the year 2012. The contact jar method was implied.
Sixinsecticides were selectedin this study including Baygon, Nature guard, and Mortein Power guard, Furadane, Chloropyrifos
and Organochlorine, respectively. From the results of the present study, it was concluded that among the other selected
insecticides, Baygon was found to be more effective with 100 % efficacy, because it knock down all the Periplaneta
americana and Blattellagermanica at direct contact, while Mortein was found to be next to baygon, whereas the Nature guard
and Organochlorine provide almost the similar results and provide 80% efficacy within the contact of 15 minutes, however,
Chloropyrifos and Furadan gave 80 % mortality rate after 1 hour contact. Therefore, in our present study, Baygon was proved
to be more operational than any other selected insecticides, thence, its usage should be more acclaimed to control the
populations of two cockroach species i.e., Blattellagermanica and Periplaneta americana abundantly found in Quetta city of

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