Comparative Study of Alkaloids in Selected Medicinal Plants of Mansehra District

Najeeb Ullah, Azhar Abbas, Safi Ullah, Sajid Iqbal, Aqal Badshah


Alkaloids were extracted and estimated from three medicinal plants of Mansehra. Three medicinal plants Mentha arvensis, Parthemium hysterium and Colchina spp were collected from different locations of Mansehra. The plant parts were dried and stored in powder form for extraction of different alkaloids. The extraction of alkaloids was done by Soxhlet method and Reflux method. It was found that maximum quantity of alkaloids was present in Colchina spp (251mg) followed by Mentha arvensis (213mg), Parthemium hysterium (195mg) by Soxhlet method while by Reflux method maximum alkaloids were present in Mentha arvensis (197mg) followed by Colchina spp (109mg) , Parthemium hysterium (67mg). The variations in total alkaloids present in different parts of selected plants were also obvious as in case of Mentha arvensis stem contained more alkaloids than leaves and roots, while in Parthemium hysterium roots showed more alkaloids than stem and leaves. It was also observed that different methods in present study also affect the total amount of alkaloids as Soxhelt method proved more effective in extraction of alkaloids from different parts of plants. The present study will be very helpful in determining the potent of local medicinal plants and their utilization on pharmaceutical industry

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International Journal of Basic Medical Sciences and Pharmacy (IJBMSP): ISSN: 2049-4963